About Us


Hitec Sourcing is a Singapore based company founded in 2011. In an industry that is highly fragmented and specialised, we decided to bring a large gamut of services under one roof. Our under-one-roof approach brings the following advantages to our clients:

–    Enhanced business continuity
–    Economies of scale
–    Better control on IT infrastructure and services
–    Holistic planning and synergistic implementation
–    Optimisation of capacity leading to reduction in wastage

What’s more, we provide a full spectrum of IT services and solutions on a global scale. This means that no matter which regions our clients operate or expand, we stand firmly behind them to offer full support.

Though we are a young company, our core team has the experience of managing global IT outsourcing operations for large organisations. We are known to bring about tremendous rationalisation in our clients expenditure on IT. Our expertise lies in reducing reckless wastage and putting together cost efficient solutions that can scale with time, without compromising on quality.

Contact Information


20 Upper Circular Road
#03-06A The Riverwalk, Singapore 058416

Tel: 65363200